Are you responsible for purchasing LED emergency light products such as LED light bars, sirens, speakers, police lights and other public safety equipment for your government entity? We at Whacker Technologies are proud to offer city, county, state and federal government entities the ability to purchase our LED warning lights and public safety equipment with department purchase orders. We strive to provide all of our government accounts with the highest level or customer service and reliability. Find out answers to commonly asked questions and download forms for placing your order.


What types of government agencies qualify to place purchase orders with Whacker Technologies?


Whacker Technologies accepts purchase orders from government agencies on city, county, state or federal levels. This includes police departments, fire departments, public works department, Department of Transportation, Counterterrorism Units, government run transit police departments, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the United States military.


We are now on SAM (System for Awards Management) the federal government system for awarding contracts and bids. We can be found under Whacker Technologies or by our DUNS number 803425342.


Volunteer agencies that are not paid or funded by a government agency may place a purchase order but must pay for their order prior to shipment via credit card or PayPal. Government contractors or private agencies hired by a government entity can also place purchase orders but must pay for their order before shipment via credit card or PayPal.


Who do I contact to place a government purchase order or find out information about products?


To find out more information about our products or to place a government purchase order you can contact our sales team at 888-250-4144 and select the sales option when prompted or email us at


Is there special pricing for government purchase orders?


There is government pricing available for local, state and federal government entities. To inquire about specific pricing or to obtain a government price list please contact our sales department at 888-250-4144 or

What paperwork and forms need to be submitted for a government purchase order?


In order to place a government purchase order the following paperwork is required to be submitted:

  • Department Purchase Order on Department Letter Head
  • Government Agency Purchase Order Request Form
  • Government Issued Tax Exempt Form
  • Sales Contract Terms & Conditions


Where do I send the completed forms and sales contract?


All completed forms, sales contract and other paperwork must be sent to the Whacker Technologies government purchasing department by attaching completed forms and emailing them or faxing them to 718-559-4728.


What is the process for completing the government purchase order and receiving my order once my paper work has been submitted?


Once we receive all of the paperwork and forms requested above a representative from our government purchasing purchase will contact you by phone or email to let you know what the final cost will be including shipping, approximate ship date or if we have any other questions regarding your order. If all of the paperwork is not received within 7 business days from the original submission of your order, the order will be canceled.


How long will it take to receive the purchase order?


Shipping and delivery times for purchase orders depends on the quantity ordered, products ordered and the current on hand amount available in our warehouse. Once your order has been submitted and approved we will contact you with the approximate shipping and delivery time.


Does Whacker Technologies accept all purchase order?


Whacker Technologies reserves the right to refuse any purchase for a number of reasons including failure to submit all paperwork, purchase orders submitted by non government agencies and volunteer agencies that are not government run, or purchase orders being shipped to an address other than that of the government entity.



Purchase Order & Contract Forms