Are you looking to start a new business or grow your existing business? You can have success and gain profitability knowing that you are selling public safety products from a reliable and trusted company. With a minimal buy in cost and low quarterly minimums, it is easy to start or grow your business. Get all of the information you need and apply to become a distributor today.





Distributor Application


To apply to become a distributor of Whacker Technologies products please download the application below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.



What kinds of distributor programs are available?


Whacker Technologies now offers two types of distributor/dealer programs depending on your business structure. Our distribution options are non-stocking distributor/dealer and stocking distributor/dealer.


A stocking dealer must make a commitment to constantly keep in stock Whacker Technologies products and also market all of product lines to current and potential customers. Whacker Technologies does provide some promotional marketing materials such as product sell sheets, Whacker branded pens and logo art.


A non-stocking dealer does not have to keep products in stock but is required to meet certain purchase minimums.


For more information about our distributor/dealer programs please contact us.


What is the process for becoming a distributor?


Complete the distributor application which can be downloaded on this page. Fax or email the application to the contact information listed on the application along with a copy of your business license and tax idenfication. One of our sales representatives will be in touch with you shortly.


What are the requirements and inital costs to become a distributor?


Initial investment costs will vary depending on the volume of merchandise your company will purchase on a quarterly basis. The only requirements are that you are a valid business and that you maintain all required minimum purchase requirements.


Do we offer lines of credit for our distributors?


We do not offer lines of credit to any of distributors. All orders must be paid for at the time of purchase. Orders will not ship unless payment is made in full.


Can a distributor carry other brands of products?


We do not limit the brands and companies that you can carry.


Can my company be listed as a distributor on Whacker Technologies website?


You can have you company information listed on our website as long as our logo and products appear on your website. If you do not list Whacker Technologies and our products on your website we will not list your business information in our "Where To Buy" directory.


Can I find out what the pricing is for distributors before opting to become a distributor?


We do not release any distributor pricing to companies that are not yet distributors. Once your business becomes an approved distributor all appropriate materials and pricing will be sent to your business.


Pricing does vary based on the distributor/dealer program style you pick and the amount of annual volume that your business plans on purchasing.


Does Whacker Technologies, Inc drop ship to distributor/dealer customers?


Whacker Technologies will only ship to the business address of the distributor/dealer we have on file for your account. We will not ship to any other address placed on an order.