Warranty Information


At Whacker Technologies, we pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality products. While we test each product for functionality, durability and longevity, we sometimes understand that defects can occur and modules can go out. Check out our warranty policy to see how you can count on us to cover your purchase in case something goes wrong.


Limited Warranty Policy


Whacker Technologies, Inc warrants each new products (unless otherwise noted) to be free from defects in material and workmanships for a period of up to 5 years for Whacker Technologies products and 2 years for Police Lightz products. These time limits apply to purchase date of the product and shall not extend past the designated time period.


During the specified warranty period, Whacker Technologies' obligation is limited to repairing and/or replacing select part(s), which after examination and testing are determined to be defective. The limited warranty does not cover shipping or travel costs, additional equipment needed to install or remove the product, installation costs, labor costs and/or additional costs associated with re-installation.


Whacker Technologies, Inc shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to; loss of vehicle, rental of substitute vehicle, loss of time, loss of work, inconvenience, transportation expenses, lodging, loss of revenue, loss of and/or damage to personal/company property for or arising out of breach of any express or implied warranty of its products. Accidental damage or destruction to any part of the equipment is not covered under this limited warranty.


Use of lamp or other electrical load of a wattage higher than that which is recommended by Whacker Technologies, Inc or it subsidiaries, or use of inappropriate or inadequate wiring or circuit protection causes this limited warranty void. Altering or changing of the internal components, electrical components outside of normal installation procedures or maintenance causes this limited warranty void. This limited warranty does not apply to damage to products during shipping, accident, alteration, tampering, misuse, abuse and/or unauthorized service.


No dealer, distributor, employee, or representative of Whacker Technologies, Inc is authorized to change this warranty in any way or grant any other warranty without the expressed, written concent of a company officer.


Whacker Technologies Five Year Limited Warranty


The above Limited Warranty Policy is for a limit of five (5) years from original date of purchase on all Whacker Technologies brand name items except where otherwise noted.


Police Lightz Two Year Limited Warranty


The above Limited Warranty Policy is for a limit of two (2) years from original date of purchase on all Police Lightz brand name items except where otherwise noted.